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Email Hosting

Do you have a large client base? Are you searching for an email solution for them? Or you are just willing to send Marketing mails to bulk of people?

We have the solution for each one of them. KTHost offers cheap email hosting service on its powerful servers in several locations across the world. Email hosting servers are dedicated for email use, with almost instant delivery. They are not used ever for any purpose other than emailing.

Emails are great tool of marketing, use them in the wisest possible way to get most of your online business.

Consider our one of the plans below and start mailing your clients now

Features Starter Business Ultimate
Email Relay/Day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No of Email Boxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No of Parent Domains 1 1 1
Control Panel Outlook SMTP Outlook SMTP Outlook SMTP
SMTP Yes Yes Yes
POP Yes Yes Yes
Server Space 20GB 50GB 150GB
Server RAM 512 MB 1GB 2.5GB
Setup Time 12-48hrs 12-48hrs 12-48hrs
Price (INR) INR 1849/mo INR 2299/mo INR 4999/mo
($) $30/mo $46/mo $100/mo

Parent Domain: Domain which can be used to send emails like [email protected] , [email protected]

Difference between packages is:

–> Higher Space makes sure that you can store more no of emails in your server
–> Higher RAM means you can release more no of mails/hr.


  • 99.99% Server Uptime
  • Outlook Supported
  • Fast Deliveries
  • Good for business / Marketing Communications
  • Quick and Priority Support
  • Priority Activation Available


1. What is use of higher RAM?

Ans : Higher RAM increases your server’s sending capabilities, as server can obey more no of commands simultaneously.

2. What is space per account?

Ans : You can manage space/account via the control panel provided to you. Maximum space can be the space with your server

3. Can I configure my bulk mailing software/ script with your servers?

Ans : Yes, All our bulk mailing servers are SMTP/POP enabled. You can use any software which supports these protocols.

4. Can I get priority activation?

Ans :Yes, for emergencies, we do provide priority activation on a nominal charge. You can call our customer care helpline to get your product delivered to you as early as 1-6 hrs.

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